Can A Property Manager Take Over Without Tenant Permission?

It’s always a more desirable situation when a tenant and landlord get along professionally by taking care of each others’ interests. The lessee is expected to make payments on time and the lessor provides a safe and private home to the renter. Unfortunately sometimes, as with many business transactions, one side or the other doesn’t maintain their obligations and arguments ensue. In such cases, both the property manager and tenant have rights and responsibilities to maintain. Although some laws vary by state and district, there are general courtesies and considerations people should abide by to make the arrangement beneficial to everybody involved.

Entering a Leased Home

There is a delicate balance between a property manager’s right to enter a home and a tenant’s right to privacy and security within their home. Generally speaking, a landlord is supposed to schedule an inspection ahead of time and meet with the tenant rather than letting themselves in unannounced whether the tenant is home or not. Again, it’s better for both parties to maintain a relationship of civility and understanding, with the assumption neither party will abuse the trust the other offers.

Evicting a Tenant

Legal eviction of a tenant is good for neither the owner or renter. Much better is if the two can find acceptable terms for the tenant to leave without a problem. Often, that can lead to a good recommendation when the tenant needs a reference for future housing, and it always allows the property manager to get the home back on the market as quickly as possible to prevent lost income from holding costs.


Both the tenant and the landlord have legal rights concerning the real estate being leased. As with most legal civil cases, the results will be better for both parties if they can remain professional and agree on an acceptable resolution between themselves rather than awaiting a court order.

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