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See What Mutual Property Management’s Clients Have To Say:

“Thanks for your help. You are helping a lot and also promptly to handle this difficult task of renting out especially when I am so far away.”
 Kumar S, Property Owner In Detroit, MI - Currently Residing In China

“I have found Mutual Property Management to be efficient and effective, and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone needing such a service. I am sure the person I have had the most dealings with now, Sarah Brann, has frequently gone out of her way, to be especially helpful and friendly, and that is really appreciated.”
Josephine Gee, Property Owner In Detroit, MI - From The United Kingdom

“Thanks so much for the extra effort you provided in getting this inspection completed. This was my third or fourth attempt and I’m convinced it happened this time because of your coordinating efforts with tenants and having someone there to open the vacant unit. Thanks for a job well done!”
Merritt Brown, Property Owner In Detroit, MI - From Maryland, USA

“I am an accidental landlord due to the current housing market. After a few months my tenant decided to move out. She did not want to give me an exact move date. I believe that she thought that she had control over the situation, since I live out of town. However, I found Mutual Property Management on a website that listed Section 8 properties a couple of weeks ago. I immediately contracted the Mutual Team to manage my property, and I am so glad I did. First I spoke to Mark Heppard who gave me an overview of the company, and the services and fees. Then he had Sarah Brann, Property Administrator take care of the details. Now, a few days later they have secured my property, and are in the process of clean up for leasing. Thank you Sarah for a job well done. The Mutual team is professional, accessible, detail oriented and knowledgeable about property management. I recommend them to any landlord who wants an experienced property
management company.”
Brenda Lewis, Property Owner, Redford, Michigan - From Indiana, USA

“We appreciate your help in renovating and leasing out our properties as quickly as possible. We have over 20 properties leased through Mutual and they have been very professional and competent in all aspects of leasing and management. We value their skills as we are overseas and totally rely on them to find good tenants and manage them well. We have had a very positive experience with them and we would recommend them to any prospective home owner whether you have 1 or 20 properties.”
D. Lim, Property Owner In Detroit Metro Area - From Hong Kong

“Since the tenants have moved into our house we have really not thought much about it. Mutual has done a fantastic job with the property. We are pleased with the way that the plumbing issue was handled, and with the service that we have received every time we have called. So we appreciate your patience working with us. Keep up the good work. We can’t thank Mutual enough for all the work you guys have done. It’s really nice to be 2500 miles away and not have to worry about our largest investment!”
Matthew & Philip Svabik-Seror, Westland Property Owners Oregon, USA

“Easy to work with, easy to communicate with, very helpful.”
Renee Sellers, Tenant - Northville, MI

“I feel relieved when thinking about the experience of renting my home through Mutual Property Management. I was terrified of the thought of how to approach finding a dependable tenant. I didn’t know how I would find the time to manage the property nor did I know how was going to handle possible difficult situations with collecting rent. The experience was easy for us and we have another home we will be renting by next year that we have no worries about, knowing we would go through the same process. I like knowing I won’t be getting late night phone calls to fix a leaky faucet and I can be rest assured that any possible situation that may arise, will be handled with the least amount of inconvenience to my daily life. I would recommend this process to anyone with the confidence that this was a good choice for us. I trust that this will be a long term situation that we will be sticking with.”
Jennifer Papiez, St Clair Shores Property Owner - Michigan, USA

“You guys are very business oriented and take care of issues within a timely manner.”
Taleia Smith, Tenant - Eastpointe, MI

“Leasing with Mutual has been very easy. No hassles!”
Sherry Hansen, Tenant - Allen Park, MI

“I think the experience has been a very good one and we appreciate you being there to take care of business and look after the place. We couldn’t have done it without you. I think the MPM portal site postings and the monthly accounting statements are great. We really appreciate all the help.”
Paul Kohls, Detroit Property Owner - California, USA

“Professional awesome group and you take care of business”
Thelma Vincent, Tenant - Northville, MI

“I have been very satisfied with the services provided by Mutual Property Management. Problems have been taken care of quickly and with mutual agreement. I would recommend your service to friends without concern.”
Dave Schlenkert, Sterling Heights Property Owner Michigan, USA

“Mutual has been very good to me, no problems with the rental unit, on point with the repairs and verify that the rent is completed!”
Celeste Taylor, Tenant - Detroit, MI

“I was pleased to find Mutual Property Management. These services were critical in helping me managing what could have been a financial and insurance crisis when I needed to move out of Michigan for work. They helped me find a good renter and continue to offer the necessary services to manage my property well even though I am located over 2000 miles away. This is invaluable peace of mind.”
Ann McPhillips, St. Clair Shores Property Owner Arizona, USA

“Thank you for taking the time to check up on me. I appreciate your concern and especially appreciate all the professional assistance you’ve already provided me regarding all issues that needed to be handled in the house. Everything is going good so far”
Mirna Anani, Tenant - Dearborn Heights, MI

“I wanted to take the time to thank you and the Mutual Property Management team for such great services. It has been just over a year since Mutual took on my property and I have been extremely pleased.
As we all know incidents to arise when owning a property that requires immediate attention. Mutual has done an outstanding job at tackling the little things on their own and keeping me informed on the more significant issues and working with me to get them resolved.
Additionally using Mutual has taken a lot of the stress and extra work out of being a landlord. I have to admit I was skeptical of using a property management company when I decided to put my place up for rent. The fears of where my money is going, what decision making capabilities I will lose, will it be maintained properly, etc… The Mutual Team has done a fantastic job at easing these fears and it has been worth every penny!
So again I thank you and the Mutual Property Management team for all of your hard work, attentiveness, and professionalism and I look forward to the years ahead!”
Michael Mina, Northville Property Owner - Illinois, USA

“Pretty fine with everything so far. Whenever a problem comes up you take care of it quickly.”
Rachelle Golston, Tenant - Detroit, MI

“Mutual Property Management, LLC has been so far of great help to me. They have been taking care of my property in all aspects of the management (fixing what is required by the City of Dearborn Heights, marketing my property, and finding a reliable tenant).
Mutual Property Management, LLC has also a very well-maintained and updated website where owners and tenants can track their accounts and the activities on their property which I found very helpful for someone like me who lives out of the state.
Finally, I would like to add that the sales representatives at Mutual Property Management have acted very professionally when we had our initial meeting.”
Amira Rahal, Dearborn Heights Property Owner - Oregon, USA

“You are much better then the companies that I’ve dealt with before. Anything I call for, whether small or big, you come out. Neighborhood is awesome. Y’all are pretty much A1. I like it”
Katherine Grimes, Tenant - Detroit, MI

“I wanted to tell you that I have been completely satisfied with the service of Mutual Property Management. I never imagined that I would have had the house rented so quickly! I even had to work hard and fast to have the house emptied by May first. Also the services of (everyone who assisted); as well as Frederick, the contractor that did the repairs.”
Claudine Keith, Ferndale Property Owner - France

“Personable company and willing work with tenants.”
Brandon Beeney, Tenant - Redford, MI

“Maintenance is very nice, helpful and considerate, explained everything in details Very friendly, courteous, get things done in a timely manner.”
Tina Robinson, Tenant - Detroit, MI

“I love you guys, easy to work with, understanding, never a problem, you are Johnny on the spot, couldn’t ask for more!”
April Adams, Tenant - Detroit, MI

“I am absolutely ecstatic about my new home. Mutual has been most helpful in ensuring my family if comfortable in our new surroundings. Thank you for accommodating my needs with patience and professionalism. You will forever come highly recommended to family and friends. A Very Happy Tenant…”
Torra Abram, Tenant - Redford, MI