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Whenever you own property other than your own personal residence, taking care of that property can be a big time eater for you. There are rents to collect, repairs to be made, tenants to screen, and general monitoring that needs to occur to make sure everything is going as planned. Doing it all yourself can be quite taxing.
Hiring a Troy property management company to handle these tasks for you may mean that you can sit back and collect the profits while you have someone else do the majority of the work for you. One of the most time consuming tasks for landlords is showing properties and screening tenants. When you have a property management company that you can trust to take care of these things for you, it can free up significant amounts of time.
Troy property management companies are also extremely helpful if you choose to invest in real estate that is not near your own place of residence. Managing properties from afar presents unique challenges, so again, having someone you can trust be in charge while you are away is important.

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  • If you only own one single family rental property, then showing and screening tenants is not a big deal. But, when you start entering the real estate investment world of multi-family units or apartment buildings, then you start seeing more tenant turnover and it may start to seem that all you do is show apartments and screen potential applicants.
  • Having someone that you can trust to take care of these tasks will give you tremendous peace of mind. Be sure that you find a Troy property management company that is knowledgeable, efficient, and reputable. Our staff at Mutual Property Management has a great reputation in Oakland County; as well as the entire Southeast Michigan area for honesty, experience and outstanding customer service.
You will need to have property managers that have excellent communication skills, knowledge about marketing and advertising, and the ability to solve conflicts with landlords, other tenants or neighbors as they arise. When you can trust the people working for you, being a landlord can be rewarding and profitable, and you can avoid many of the common hassles and headaches.

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