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How to Know When You Should Look for a New Property Management Company

Managing a Rental Property

If you are considering firing your current property management company, do not worry. There is a chance they will “fire” you first. Neither side is being properly served when things aren’t working out. Property managers are often as selective about the clients they work with as they are about the tenants they approve. The general exception to this rule is a new company who will take on all clients when they are first starting out. 


Managing a rental property is no simple task, but it is acceptable to look for a new property management company when you are not satisfied with the service you are receiving. Make sure you are honest with your new company about why you decided to sever ties with the last one. Doing so will ensure that you don’t encounter the same problems again. 


Finding a management agency that is a good fit for you is highly important for you, your rental properties, and your tenants. If you decided to fire your old property management company because they did not respond to each one of your 15 calls in a single day, then you’ll more than likely encounter trouble finding a property manager with whom you can be satisfied. No one is going to be willing to speak with you 15 times a day. Get to know how a specific company works, so you can know what type of service to expect. 


Fire your management company if you aren’t happy with their service, and make sure the new property management company is 100% honest with you regarding the services they are willing to provide. You will know when you are not going to be a good fit as a client. 


At Mutual Property Management, we know what it takes to effectively manage rental properties so that landlords are pleased and tenants can enjoy a safe place to live. If it’s time to reassess your property management needs, contact us to request a free quote today!

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